Exceptional design
is not enough.


Great design constitutes table stakes. Here's what sets me apart.


Curiosity empowers and underlies all I do. A little bit of wonder goes a long, long way and allows me to improve how I live and work all the time.  


Take some curiosity and start to add research and now you’re cooking. Quite simply the quality, breadth, and ease of my research is what sets me apart.  

Concept Development

Take some wonder and the research ability to find out and put it into action. I pride myself not only in my ability to generate world-class ideas, but also a love of the entire process of making them see the light of day.

Recommendations available upon request

“Caroline possesses a hybrid creative skill set that spans various aspects of digital product design, including graphic design, user interface design and interaction design. But, more importantly, she has a huge heart and the great emotional intelligence necessary to listen attentively to customers, gain insight into their pain points, synthesis those findings and create product design concepts to solved experiential problems. ” – Mick Winters, managing Creative Director

This is me. And these are my cats.

Dashiell aka Dash

Lover, not a fighter

Caroline R. Collins

Interaction Designer


Feisty Kitten

Here's a few things that make me tick...

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